Tahmoor Soccer Club Junior Grading Policy.

Grading Policy and Player Selection Guidelines.

This overarching grading policy has been established by the Tahmoor Soccer Club for the club to carry out individual player grading to form teams based upon players’ skills and ability.  The grading of teams and players according to their skill and ability is designed to place players into teams where they are participating in games comparable with both their football skills and physical development and are able to continue to develop their football ability without undue pressure.  Tahmoor Soccer Club (TSC) Committee places an emphasis on creating a fair and equitable grading process for players and those involved with the club.



Tahmoor Soccer Club will provide all players from Under 10 to Under 17 the opportunity to develop their football skills and play in the highest level within the MFA. TSC will do this by grading players and teams to ensure they play at the most appropriate level. Greater emphasis is placed upon individual and team performances for their skill and ability.

The clubs Grading Committee will assist in placing the team in the most appropriate division within the MDSFA. Where two sides are formed in the same age group there should be even numbers selected for these teams. Team selection is based on the TSC Grading Process.

Whilst one team may have a more advanced list of players the Club will endeavour to ensure that both teams will be as competitive as possible in their respective divisions.


The club grades teams to ensure similar ability players are playing together as well as to allow us to assess the appropriate grade to nominate the team in the Macarthur Competition.

  • For players to be graded we require them to attend all grading sessions
  • The exception to this condition is if the player has played in that division in the previous year and has notified the club of their non-attendance at any of the trial sessions.
  • The Club reserves the right to conduct trials for specific positions
  • The Club reserves the right to determine the final team numbers
  • The Club Committee has the responsibility of the final decision.


At the start of each season, Tahmoor soccer club will form a Grading Committee that can use any and all means at its disposal to ensure that a fair process is used and followed to ensure the following

  • All players are graded and allocated into the appropriate team division for both their individual skills & ability and the overall team skills & ability.
  • There are no predetermined places for players in teams. All players no matter the skill level and or previous team division level must try to attend the trials. The Grading Committee reserves the right to review a players grading if the player cannot attend some or all of the grading sessions if no prior notification has been provided to the club and or to grade a player who has registered after the trials have been commenced or have been completed.
  • The Grading Committee reserves the right to conduct further trials on players who register after the initial trials.
  • Players that have graded higher than a friend can either stay up in the higher graded team or elect to play in a lower grade with their friend (s). Unless there are mitigating circumstances which have to be agreed to by the Club Committee the lower graded player cannot play up in the higher division.
  • Players who do not trial will be allocated into an appropriate team. The club may use any relevant information to determine the most appropriate team division for the player.
  • Grading can be stressful for both players and parents. This can result in some players not trialling as well as they could have done. The Grading Committee understands this situation and where possible every attempt will be made to ensure that a fair result is obtained for each player.
  • There will be times where there will be disagreements on a players grading and or team selections. If this situation occurs individuals have the Right to Appeal to the Club Committee in writing. Club Committee decisions are final ( refer to the Appeals Process )

If any parent or guardian of a registered player has concern over their son/daughters grading and or team selection they can Appeal to the Club Committee in writing within one (1) week after the team announcements.

Club Committee decisions are final


  1. Information Session

Information session for players and parents will be conducted at the start of each season to clarify both the TSC Grading Policy and Grading Process. 

  1. Grading Selection Panel

A grading panel will be formed as required for teams from Under 12 to Under 18. The panel can consist of team coaches and or experienced / qualified persons that are independent from the team. No coaches, parents or guardians etc. of the age group being graded are to be involved in the grading process. Those involved in the grading evaluation process must declare any conflict of interest prior to the process commencing. There is a master sheet with all players’ names on it. There is also a grading sheet and scoring system that is provided to all graders. The players’ names are not on the grading sheets, only bib numbers and colours. This is to prevent bias.

  1. Training Assessment Sessions

Training assessment sessions will be made available for players who wish to be considered for selection to higher level teams and for team division selection purposes. The grading panel will observe and assess players on a variety of skills:

  • The results of the grading will assist the club as to which team the players will best be suited to and what division the team will be nominated for.

The club reserves the right to conduct additional trials and or grade individual players as required.

  1. Initial Team Selection

The initial Team selection will be made after consideration of the player’s performance at the grading sessions. The grading panel may also use other information as required that will assist selection, such as previous year’s performances.

  1. Communication to Players

Players can be advised through verbal/email / Website and or through their nominate coach as to which team they have been selected in. If a player/parent is not satisfied with the result of the grading and or team selection they can use the Appeals Process. (Refer to the Appeals Process)

  1. Movement of Players

During the final team players section process there may be times TSC can request that certain players be rotated between sides in the same age group and or as detailed in the MDSFA rules for up to the first 4 rounds of the season.  Note: this is a guideline that the TSC has promoted to ensure that the selected players have the opportunity to play at the most appropriate level within the competition.

  1. Final Team Selection

After the trials have been completed all teams will be finalised. The Club appreciates that there may be extenuating circumstances, and that some players may wish to be in a particular side. Such requests must be made in writing to the Club Committee before the team submissions to MDSFA.

Club Committee decisions are final