Spectators – Code of Conduct PARENTS

As parents, it’s great to come along each week to watch your kids play a sport they love. You’ve joined Tahmoor Soccer Club for many reasons especially for the kids to learn soccer and have fun- but did you know that they are also learning:

Teamwork Sportsmanship
Responsibility Respect
Trust Leadership
Friendship Time Management
Loyalty How to move on from disappointment

Kids learn a lot from watching their parents and other elders in their community. Here at Tahmoor we are creating a family club. We realise that the best way kids can learn these skills is from watching YOU!

The Football Australia National Code of Conduct can be found here:

Code of Conduct

Coaches, managers and committee members spend a lot of time guiding and teaching your children. They do it to keep our club healthy and vibrant, so that we are here for everyone. However there is much to do.

By helping out at Tahmoor Soccer Club you will be adding to the life skills you hope your kids will learn to become better people- and isn’t that what we all want for our children? As a volunteer you are showing your children what community spirit is and how working together can create great things and be a lot of fun.

Parents and Players

There is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make this club run as smoothly as possible. No one is paid by the club. Everyone is a volunteer. The best way to thank these volunteers is to just come up and ask someone at the canteen or BBQ “Is there anything I can do to help”. By sharing the work everyone gets more out of the experience.

Every team has a rostered day to come and help out on the BBQ and at the canteen.

Besides this, if you have other skills you think may benefit the club then please let someone in the committee know. This is a great way to repay these volunteers for investing in your child.

Come and join us for fun and friendship and to show our kids that community spirit thrives at Tahmoor Soccer Club.

Duty Day

Many jobs within the club are performed by members of the committee and a small group of volunteers.

Game days are very busy, with the extra help needed for:

  • Operation of the canteen
  • Operation of the BBQ
  • Operating the Match Card table (where managers complete Match Cards and pay Match/Ref Fees)
  • Ground Officials are needed to keep an eye on spectators, be a point of contact etc.

To help with these activities we roster teams on, usually for one day possibly two per season, to assist with these activities.

Every effort is made to ensure you are still able to watch your child play, by overlapping the times with another team.

Your Coach and Manager will be advised of the date. We ask for your assistance by making yourself available when your day comes up. Remember, the more people that help, the easier it is for everyone.