Role of Manager

Generally speaking, the Coach works with the players. The Manager is responsible for the rest.

Having said that, how each team organises the tasks is up to them, however it is important to know who is doing what….

The main role of the Manager is to:

  1. Ensure players are fully registered before taking the field.
  2. Keep the team involved of playing times and activities of the club.
  3. Complete the Match Card for team appropriately – before and after game (check score written on card for competition age-groups).
  4. Check opposition team’s IDs and Match Card details (as appropriate for age-groups).
  5. Keep a record of the team’s results for competition age groups/divisions (ie not SSG). Compare these with the official results.
  6. Sometimes there can be a difference between your records and Macarthur’s. If this occurs, contact the club to follow up.
  7. Keep a record of red/yellow cards, and where suspension occurs, keep a record of stood down matches (players name must be written in “stood down” section of Match Card).
  8. Inform the club’s Secretary of any red/yellow cards by Sunday night 6.30pm
  9. Organise the Team Official each game day
  10. With the Coach, organise a representative for club meetings (if neither Coach or Manager can attend on the night)
  11. Organise parent helpers for the team’s Duty Day.
  12. The Manager needs to have an understanding of child protection.


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