Coaches at Tahmoor Soccer Club are volunteers, and in most cases the parent(s) of one or two of the players. Tahmoor Soccer Club is always grateful for the time and effort that coaches put into teams and is happy to help and support coaches whenever possible to ensure the best outcome for the coaches and the players.

Role of Coach

Generally speaking, the Coach works with the players. The Manager is responsible for the rest.

Having said that, how each team organises the tasks is up to them, however it is important to know who is doing what….

The main role of the Coach is to:

  1. Train the players to the best of his/her ability
  2. Encourage a good sporting attitude. Team progress and personal behaviour is held in higher regard than a position on the ladder.
  3. Have an understanding of the rules of the game. There is an excellent free online course available here:, the laws on the game can be loaded in an app you your phone
  4. Ensure that all registered players in the team must be given an equal opportunity to play.
  5. provide a team environment that encourages players to return next year.
  6. Have an understanding of child protection.

Coaches are responsible for coordinating training, and also for motivating the team, and managing substitutions on game day. Please remember that coaches are happy to support coaches and will generally be happy to offer advise and help whenever needed.

Coaching Courses

Coaching courses are run from time to time by Macarthur, and when able, at our club. Keep an eye on the Tahmoor Taipans Facebook page an the the Macarthur Football Association Facebook Page as information becomes available.

Macarthur Football Association

Football Australia and Macarthur Football Association group coaching resources according to the age group being trained. These are

  • Miniroos – U6-U9 (focus is on discovery and fun)
  • Skills Acquisition -U10-U12 (focus on skills building)
  • Game training phase -U13-U17 (focus on strategy and game tactics)
  • Performance phase -u17 and up

Macarthur Football Association provide some excellent resources for coaches – aligned with the age of the players that you may be coaching. This includes the MOJO app, that is a free app providing coaches w

ith exercises and drills to assist with planning a training session and ensuring players keep improving.

Coaches are encouraged to review these resources at the following link:

Additional resources for miniroos teams can be found from the Australian Sports Commission / Australian Institute for Sports

For a more intense read – Football Australia National Curriculum